Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque the American Way

It is wonderful that Barack Obama in His Own Words has supported this opportunity for Muslims to show that they also care about tolerance, freedom, democracy, understanding, and peace. All good Muslims must speak out about these things more, because, as Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". Devout Christians fear the sickeningly immoral atheists, and respect the prophet Mohammed as a seeker of goodness and truth, but the devout Christians do not truly join the devout Muslims to oppose the sickeningly immoral atheists because they believe that evil has triumphed amongst the followers of the Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam. I believe this is why so many good people have made the mistake of opposing Cordoba House: All over the world, every month, there is Muslim political violence and terrorism, there are no Muslim democracies, there are many vicious Muslim dictatorships, and too many good Muslims are too silent. Even Muslim charities are often used to provide money for terrorism, and too many good Muslims are silent about this. Cordoba House is close to where the Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive was, so everyone will watch it closely so there will be no opportunity for evil. In fact, Cordoba House will be more wonderful BECAUSE it is close to where the World Trade Center was. Cordoba House provides a focus point for good Muslims to speak through and oppose evil. This support for the Cordoba House is one of the only things that President Obama has done that I REALLY like.
The Arab World: Society, Culture, and State,, freedom diminishes for the sake of security. We became paranoid of everything, in a much exaggerated manner. My evidence for that is the story of this mosque that is to be built in America's money capital. Although the US "was bitten" or even "was burnt" on its own land by the fire of extremism when it witnessed an attack on its security and freedom by Islamic extremists, and despite of the fact that it is the first country that was directly targeted by religious extremism and that it is working to face it, but it has overcome its fears by allowing Muslims to build a mosque. Even so, Muslims who would meet in that mosque might not be far from extremism as much as the site of the mosque is not far from Ground Zero; the place of the wound in which the US witnessed the deaths of 3000 of its people.